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Why do I keep getting Blackheads on my nose?

Why do I keep getting Blackheads on my nose?

Skincare, Skinphorea / December 4, 2014 / No Comment

If you’re like me, you probably get just as annoyed by those ugly, reoccurring blackheads on your nose as I do! You constantly cleanse, exfoliate, extract and protect your skin; yet they continue to show up only days later. Guess what… most of what you see are NOT blackheads. They are called Sebaceous Filaments, which are not to be extracted like blackheads.

Our skin contains thousands of glands that produce a waxy material called sebum (oil), which helps prevent moisture loss. When we lack sebum, our skin becomes dry and flaky but an over productive sebaceous gland leads to oily skin, which can contribute to acne. Built up Sebum and dead skin cells can form in a pore, which can lead to blackheads.  The same thing pretty much happens to form Sebaceous Filaments except they do not contain bacteria. They are a natural result of producing sebum 🙁

So how can you tell the difference between a Blackhead and Sebaceous filament?

If they are all the same size (small pinpricks), uniform appearance, they are Sebaceous Filaments. If you have one that is larger and darker than the rest, most likely it’s a blackhead. Sebaceous Filaments are usually smoother to the touch than black heads.

Why are they black??

When sebum (Oil) is exposed to air, it oxidizes; this is what makes Blackheads “Black”. It’s the same process as when Air is exposed to an apple. The apple turns brown. (ughh, I hate brown apples just as much as blackheads)

Will Pore strips get rid of them? NO! When we use pore strips we risking damaging our skin by causing broken capillaries that are permanent. Plus pore strips only temporarily gets rid of the top portion of the blackhead… (comes back in a few days). I too, have been guilty of using the quick fix of Pore strips when I was in a rush to go somewhere. But the best thing to do is lighten them with products containing benzoyl peroxide, exfoliate with BHA’s & AHA’s, gentle cleansing and try not to use too many over drying products which can lead to more sebum production and actually make them worse!


So to sum it up…RELAX….. It’s normal


~Jae Hayes

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